Who needs coaching?

Everyone gets stuck from time to time in situations or “ways of being” that don’t support their personal growth and fulfillment.

Creating change means making a commitment to taking new, and sometimes bold, actions. This can be uncomfortable at moments because you are moving out of habituated patterns of interaction with the world.

Enlisting the assistance of a coach provides not only emotional support as you try new things, but also provides a sounding board as you clarify and drill-down on what you really want.

How I coach…

My professional practice is mindfulness-based, which informs the coaching process by maintaining an emphasis on the present moment, cultivating awareness, and defining your intentions. As such, my role is to provide you with tools to increase awareness, self-knowledge and skillfulness in handling the challenges that inevitably arise.

To assist you in your self-discovery, I bring a non-judgmental curiosity to our interactions, speak truthfully about what I observe, and provide space for you to explore ideas, brainstorm, dream, emote, learn and experiment without limitation.

My primary intention is to keep you focused on your “compelling vision” and to hold you accountable to it.

What is the time investment for one-on-one coaching?

Typically, I contract with clients for a minimum of six, one-hour sessions. In most instances, this allows the client adequate time to clearly identify their intentions, define their priorities, and assess their progress. Although this represents a “typical” coaching arrangement, obviously more time may be required based on the client’s motivation outside of the coaching sessions and the degree of life-change the person is seeking.

To learn more, please use the contact page or email me at I look forward to working with you and assisting with your creative process!